This is our #MondayMotivation today!

Two million tonnes of food wasted each year that could be made into 1.3 billion meals! We've partnered with Fareshare to ensure we redirect as much food from landfill as possible.

For just £4 you can fill a basket at our We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry

Open today and tomorrow from 4pm to 6pm.



t's been a couple of weeks but we're happy to report that we have two very satisified customers of We Cycle, our community bike hub.

Read about our

Bike hub here.

We're also glad to see the newest members of our community settling in and enjoying the beautiful scenery.



Chef Helen has been creating some lovely specials. We love the Ploughmans salad board. We think it has the ratio of salad and nice additions just right

What would you like to see on the menu?



Hey new parent - we see you!

Feeling totally overwhelmed yet? Don't worry we promise its a normal feeling once you're in the parenthood club.

Join us on Monday mornings where you can get advice from other parents or just have a chat with an adult human. Book here.





Everyone welcome 10-midday tomorrow in Risca Park opposite We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry

Free tea and coffee xx

coffeemorning park.jpg


Celebrate who you are with PRIDE

As we reach the midway point of June we just wanted to take a moment and join the celebration of all people in the LQBTQIA+ community.















Big congratulations to RCV UK on their Morrisons Rogerstone Organisation Community Award!!! Thank you for everything you do in & around this great community of ours.



We've always known we're special and now we have proof!

Absolutely delighted that we've been awarded 5 stars for We Nuture groups at The Centre at St Davids and our Coffee Mornings at our hub at Channel View Community Hall.

Extra peace of mind if you're planning to attend: -

  • Best Feeding on Mondays at St Davids 9:30 - 11:00am

  • Activity Mornings on Tuesday at Channel View Community Hall 10am - 12pm

  • Toddler Time on Wednesdays at St Davids 9:30 - 11:00am

  • Coffee Mornings on Fridays at Channel Vew Community Hall 10:00 - 12pm



Coming this Sunday - get all the details on how you can sign up to our fundraising challenge this July.

Get ready to tell us why you'll be fundraising for RCV UK!



Starting this Thursday - The RCV UK Breakfast Club between 9am - 10:30am.

We'll be setting up part of We Connect as a Breakfast club. Pop along from 9am and even if you're alone you wont be eating alone. Come along, meet someone new - you never know, just like the movie it could change your life forever.



Our Chef specials are available daily (except Mondays)

Our specials so far have included :

  • The Avocado and Halloumi Stack

  • Pork and Stuffing Rolls

  • Burger Stack with onion chutney

  • Carrot and Lentil Burgers

What has been your favourite?



Wow, look at everything RCV are doing. Something on most days and all thanks to our wonderful volunteers.

Next time you speak to your VIP's or family friends who might be interested please let them know what we do and encourage them to come along! 

And don't forget our activities are open to everyone, volunteers included.

We will also shortly be starting a breakfast club too. It's probably going to be Wednesday mornings from 9am, so that anyone who wants to can still take part in the Wellness Walk.

If you or someone you know might be interested please let us know?

Thank you to everyone who helps run and host these projects xx

weekly planner.png


Time to swap your wardrobes over!

Summer is here! Banish the winter clothes to the back of the wardrobe where they belong and bring out those wonderful summer threads!

In the process you could donate your unwanted items to us! We're collecting clothes this Saturday at our hub at Channel View Community Hall!

Please donate your:

  • Good quality adult clothes

  • Good quality children clothes

  • Belts

  • Scarves

  • Good quality shoes (tied together)

Donate your items in bags at our hub this Saturday - or donate in our dragon bags bin located outside the hub whenever it suits you! All money we raise from the collection goes into funding community projects like We Grow and We Cycle.

clothes share.jpg


Wanna hear a Risca's best kept shopping secret?

You can get all this for just £4! Fill your basket with what you want and feed your family for just £4.

The pantry is open today and tomorrow from 4pm - 6pm. This is a secret we don't mind getting out there so tell your friends and we'll see you soon!





We are looking forward to our Weekly Wellness Wander round Risca Park with you tomorrow.

We’re hoping it’s going to dry up in time for us to meander merrily, but should it be drizzly and dreary we can still promise a morning of coffee, cards and good cheer.

Meeting We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry at 945am to leave at 10.



We liked our Afternoon Tea so much it's here to stay!


Available now from just £10 per person! Message or call now to book Risca's newest Afternoon Tea spot!

**Small print - Bookings need to be made in advance, 24 hours notice required. Menu might change slightly from image shown here. Vegan and gluten free on request for an additional £2 per person.**



Our Tin on a Wall champions are collecting today!

Everything you donate goes towards supporting local charities, foodbanks and pantrys working towards our mission that no-one in our community should be hungry.

Good luck to our champions warming up their muscles. You've got this!



Thank you for your generous donations for another fantastic Tin on a Wall!

This collection marked our 2 year anniversary - and has seen 48 tonnes of food be collected over 24 months. This food has meant local charities, foodbanks and pantries have continued to be able to help people in need in our community.

Charities that are benefiting from your donations this month are Risca Foodbank, We Connect Pantry and Llamau.



Oops... We did it again

Another community first initiative is in development! We Grow will be an accessible and sensory allotment based in Risca. More information coming next week.

Green fingered and keen to get involved? Message us on Facebook to register your interest.



Exciting news at We Connect!

We have a new head chef!

Come and sample the wonderful feasts Chef Helen is cooking at We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry

Formally from The Garden Kitchen by Pugh's, Helen has been a volunteer with us for some time and will now be cooking up a storm in our kitchen.

Welcome to the team, Helen!



We're fighting food waste one basket at a time!

Open today from 4pm come and visit our Pantry.

Fill a basket for just £3; including tinned food, fresh food, frozen food and toiletries.

Read more about the Pantry here.



If you, your family, friends or colleagues can knit, swim, walk, run, skip, climb mountains, crochet, sing, colour, paint or draw then maybe you could hold a sponsored event to raise money for RCV!

We'd love to hear your ideas...






Today Risca Park will be transformed into a beach for this weekend only.

Coming along? Don't forget that We Connect Coffee Shop is conveniently located directly opposite the gates for Tredegar Park and the perfect location for snacks and coffee! We do Milkshakes too.

Psst - we do takeaway (in biodegradable cups) so you can enjoy one while the little ones enjoy sandy toes!



Every time you buy at We Connect Coffee Shop you are helping RCVUK with their mission to help in the community.

When you buy a cup of coffee with us:

  • You're helping run our bike hub.

  • You're helping our VIPs get to their Coffee Mornings

  • You're helping to fund Kindness Calls to lonely people in the community

  • You're helping keep our pantry open - giving people the opportunity to buy a basket of food for just a few pounds.

  • You're helping develop our community sensory garden

  • You're funding Toddler and New parent sessions

  • You're sponsoring Tin on a Wall so food banks remain stocked

It's so much more than a cup of coffee - but you make a huge difference to your community when you get one from us.



Tin on a Wall is BACK! Did you know it's our two year anniversary?

Two years since Tin on a Wall started and we're looking for street champions to help us continue with our mission to ensure no-one in our community is hungry. Food banks have been a huge topic of discussion this month with misguided comments coming from politicians totally out of touch with why there is a need for food banks.

Since starting Tin on a Wall we have collected close to 50 tonnes of food... That's the equivalent to :

  • An adult male humpback whale or

  • Two stones from Stonehenge or

  • Five Tyrannosaurus rex or

  • 65 cows!

That food has been donated, collected and sorted by our community! Imagine how many people you can help contributing to Tin on Wall!

Want to be one of our street champions? Sign up on our Facebook page. All you need to do:

  • Leaflet in your street a couple of days before collection

  • Be available to collect from 12pm on Saturday 11th June

  • Deliver your collection to our hub on the same day from 2pm.

Help us make this collection our biggest yet!



Will you be celebrating the Jubilee with us this weekend? We Connect window has had a makeover to mark the occasion.

How will you be spending yours?



Happy National Bicycle Day!

Today we come together to celebrate the joy of cycling! At RCVUK we love bikes - all year round! We're supporting families and individuals get existing bikes fixed, and refurbishing old bikes no longer fit for use, diverting them from landfill.

Read all about We-Cycle on our new blog here.

Our community bike hub is working to ensure no-one is without a bicycle.



Would you like to join us for a gentle walk tomorrow morning?

Meeting at 9.45am We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry( opposite Risca Park). Leaving at 10am for a short, flat, easy walk led by our experienced team.

Enjoy the beauty of our Risca scenery and the joyful sights, sounds and smells of spring or join with others in having a good natter and putting the world to rights.

Either way, there will be something for everyone and the chance for a brew at the start or the end - or both!

For further info contact

or 01633 848899 or message us on Facebook.

*A programme of walks will be announced following this initial one.



We love our jacket potatoes at We Connect. You can get one every day on our lunch menu from just £3.90 (and we do take away)

But now it's time for the battle of the fillings. What do you think is the ultimate? React to our Facebook post to vote for your favourite:

  • Beans and Cheese

  • Tuna Mayo

  • Just Beans

  • Coleslaw

  • Chips

PS - Totally not trying to sway you with this picture!



Please come and entertain us!

We're looking for local entertainers to take to our stage for our annual Fun On The Field event, on 27th August. We need:

  • Singers

  • Comedians

  • Musicians

  • Dancers

Want to take part? Message us today or email



We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry

"People only use food banks because..."

Last week we were incensed with the ignorance on display in Government about the use of food banks in this country. The out of touch comment totally ignored the cost of living crisis currently hitting everyone in their pockets and victim shamed those living in poverty.

We need to end the stigma of using food banks:

  • People don't use food banks because they fancy a free meal

  • People don't use food banks because they can't budget

  • People don't use food banks because they can't cook

  • People who use food banks don't need to be blamed by the Government elected to help them

People need to use food banks

  • because years of austerity and a global pandemic have hit the lower income homes the hardest

  • because the Government isn't doing enough

  • because they've budgeted and cut back and there is no other option

  • because they are going without food to heat and power their homes

Here at RCV and We Connect Pantry and Coffee Shop we'e seen first hand the struggles people face. The impact that the constant concern of not being able to afford food does to a single parent. The mental drain of living in poverty and having to ration what's left in your cupboards. The confusion caused by working full time and still not being able to pay your bills.

Luckily this community sees it too. That's why you've always got behind our initiatives to ensure no-one in our community goes hungry. Tin on a Wall and our Pantry continue to do so much for those in need. Thank you for everything you do to support it. It seems our mission continues...

Want to help? Contact us today to find out how you can help us by becoming a volunteer.



Supporting Mental Health Awareness - Now and Always

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. This year's theme was loneliness and the horrible implications that it could have for someone experiencing mental health issues. Through our social channels, we showed the ways in which, since the day we began we have worked tirelessly to combat loneliness.

Read more in our Blog here ...

Coffee Mornings (2).png


We Connect Coffee Shop

Competition Time!

The perfect start to your day, arriving at We Connect on Monday!

To celebrate we're running a competition this weekend where you and a friend could win a free breakfast at We Connect. To take part via Facebook:

Winners will be announced on Tuesday at 12pm.



Our Coffee Mornings run every Tuesday and Friday and are a way for our VIPs to meet with each other and connect. Human connection is vital in the fight against loneliness. We welcome all ages and mobility to our coffee mornings. Why not pop along next week and make some new friends? You can book here.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what one of our VIPs has to say:

"When I came to RCV UK for help I was in a lot of trouble. I had left an abusive relationship and was in over £20k of debt. Tara and Dawn were welcoming, supportive and were totally non-judgemental. They stressed the importance of me meeting with people and mixing with people locally to help my mental health which at the time was awful. They've helped me find my community. I'm not alone anymore, my debt is manageable and my mental health has improved. I am so thankful for them."



Communities for Work at We Connect Cafe every Mon between 4pm and 6pm. Just drop in, no appt needed.


Caerphilly Community Regeneration Employment Drop In

Are you looking for work or training?

Would you like support to help you reach your career goals?

Communities for work can help you!

01443864227 or come & see us to find out more.

No appointment needed!



It's Day 3 of 

 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and we're going to bring the focus to parents.

The transition into parenting can be an incredibly lonely and isolating time. Being home all day with a newborn or young child can be an incredible strain on your mental health. To help support new parents and parents of toddlers we run two clubs:

Best Feeding - running every Monday morning is a safe place for parents of young children to come along and meet other parents in the area. We'll also be providing support with breast feeding and bottle feeding. Supporting parents with the feeding methods that work best for their family.

Toddler Time - running every Wednesday morning come and enjoy half a conversation with other parents as your little toddler terrors run riot.

Want to take part? Book online here.



Our Community Pantry will be open today from 4pm - 6pm.

Working to redirect surplus food from landfill to your table - come down today and fill a basket for just £3! Best yet, you get to choose the items that will work best for you and your family. From fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned and dried goods, a selection of fresh chilled goods, frozen items and toiletries you could dramatically reduce the cost of your weekly shop.

Will you be paying us a visit today?



Today is the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week.

When RCV UK launched in March 2020 we made a pledge to combat the loneliness the pandemic caused in our community. We wanted to ensure that no-one felt alone.

We Connect was born with the idea of connecting people. Loneliness can be a cause of and symptom of poor mental health that is why we are committed to:

Information and support throughout the coffee shop on how you can get help finding employment, debt management and socialising

Connecting people by having free wi-fi so you have a place to connect with friends online

Weekly Pantry helping to end food poverty in our community giving people a hand up and not a hand out

Providing a warm and welcoming environment for all of our customers

Space to rent for clubs and groups to help connect the community

Let's Connect - #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek



RCV UK Lotto - drawn weekly live on Facebook each Friday at 11.30am.

Choose 4 numbers between 1 and 28, match all 4 numbers for a win.

£1.00 per ticket, available online at











Hey! We're looking for volunteers to join our marketing team . We're looking for fun, engaging people to help with our big plans!

If you are looking for some experience before starting your qualifications or career in marketing then this is for you. We have a proven track record of helping our volunteers get the experience, skills and confidence they need to get full-time marketing roles.

The roles are 100% flexible and can work around you and your interest and are suitable for anyone aged 16 or over. Message if you would like more information. Feel free to tag someone on our Facebook page who would be interested.



Post Bank Holiday Blues? Urgh - we feel ya! It seems like only yesterday we were enjoying a day off in mediocre weather...

Why not pop into We Connect today and treat yourself to a little Tuesday treat? With breakfast options from just £2 don't deny yourself a chance to chase away the post bank hol blues!

What's your dream breakfast from us? We love a pastry from Toast - delicious, vegan and one of our lovely local suppliers!



This Bank Holiday Monday we're dreaming of Summer ...

Fun on the Field is in the planning stages and we need your help

Are you a local business or master baker who would be interested in taking part in our event? Whether you own a food truck or own a local crafty business - you could hire a stand at our event. Early bird prices from just £15 - message us to reserve your space.

We love celebrating local talent so we're also looking for local musical talent to play our marquee throughout the day.

We're making this year bigger - so save the date August 27th! Tag someone on Facebook who would love to take part.



We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry

Is it a bap? A roll? A cob? A sarnie? A bun? A butty? Or a barm?

Whatever you call it, you can get yours from We Connect with any regular freshly ground coffee AND a hash brown for £5. (Including Vegan sausages)

Guilt-free brekkie when you know the money you're spending goes back into the community.



We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry

First day having our parklet and outdoor tables in use today and it's fair to say they went down a storm.

Come and join us tomorrow and see all the fab changes, including a slight change to the opening times.



We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry

Follow the link to see more of our delicious breakfast and lunch items available Monday - Saturday 9am-2pm

Inside and outside dining or take away. All of our take away cups, containers and cutlery are 100% compostable.



NEW ClickSilver IT Support

We can help you online. Email or call us at RCV asap for the next programme which starts just after Easter.




Tin on a Wall is back this Saturday from 12pm! Our street plan is below and we will be visiting your street this Saturday for your donations.

With the costs of living increasing local food banks and food pantries are running short on supplies.Your generosity ensures that they can keep serving those most in need in our community.

Good Luck to the street champions in Cwmfelinfach who will be out collecting tonight from 6pm.

Here's to another great collection!



Did you know that as well as all of our other services (see Weekly Planner), we are also now able to make referrals to CAB and tenancy and benefits teams at CCBC and Platfform for face to face support in Risca regardless whether you're living in a council, private rented or owned property. If you're struggling with any tenancy issues, or need employment or benefits support including DLA/PIP applications, please get in touch.



Tin On A Wall

Thank you!

We had another amazing collection this month and have been able to support Risca Foodbank, Pantside Foodbank and We Connect Pantry.

Your generous donations have ensured that those in the community in need won't have to go hungry.

Our next collection will take place on Saturday 14th May.



Chocolate Bingo is Back! Feeling Lucky? See you Thursday April 14th, 5.30 to 7 pm at the The Centre @St David's.

Register for Chocolate Bingo here.

Chocolate Bingo (Facebook Post)_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry are now able to connect you with Platfform support workers for any housing related queries you may have.

Please just pop in between 4-6pm every Tuesday, or book a 1-1 from 3-6pm every Tuesday.

Support is available so please come along and find out how what help is available for you.



Tin on a Wall is back!

We're looking for street champions to help with our next collection on Saturday 9th April.

We need champions who can:

  • Leaflet in their chosen street a couple of days before collection

  • Collect in their street from 12pm on Saturday 9th April

  • Deliver to Channel View Community Centre from 2pm on Saturday 9th April

Do you want to volunteer for a couple of hours and help restock food banks and charities in your local area?

If you are able to help, please comment on our Facebook page.

*Wattsville and Cwmfelinfach collections will take place on Wednesday 6th April from 6pm



We Connect Cafe

We're sorry to say we'll be closed until Monday, due to unforeseen circumstances; but we're very happy to say we can't wait to see all of our wonderful customers when we reopen. 



We have an exciting announcement!

We've got a little creative over at our We Connect Coffee Shop and Pantry ...


This week we've had a delivery of surplus cabbage to the pantry. We are fighting food waste so we have created a special latte blend.

Are you brave enough to try the creation? Comment on our Facebook page!



green latte.png


Do you want to do more online?

This project in partnership with @BiTC will give you the confidence to be online.

How to sign up? Either:

Complete the registration form on our Facebook page.

Call us to make an appointment and we'll do the registration for you


Call us for more information

01633 848899




Today we are having coffee and cake in memory of a gent who sadly passed away at 98 years young. Today we are thankful we had the opportunity to know him and to have spent many many hours listening to the incredible stories of his life.

RIP Lindsay Preece, we will miss listening to your stories but we won't forget them.

Below is a poem Lindsay liked and had on the wall in his home: How Old Are You?

poem lindsay.jpg
coffee shop2.jpg


RCV UK presents the next course of Song & Sign with Karen Baxter.

These are online sessions every Thursday at 7.30pm.

It's for 6 weeks and costs just £12 for the whole course.

What we learn with fun, we never forget.... Alfred Mercier.

Book through our website here.

Have a look at some of our recordings:



We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry


As a new business and community project, we may need to tweak things from time to time to ensure we're getting things right. Because of this, our new opening hours are:

Pantry: Mondays & Tuesdays 4pm - 6pm

Coffee Shop: Monday - Saturday 8.30am -2pm

Thank you all for your patience, kind words and support.



Happy Friday!

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to an absolutely lovely local business run by two amazing people who have supported us from the very beginning. If you don't know Toast is a Vegan Micro Bakery in Cwmfelin that makes bread and pastries that taste like heaven.

Toast are one of our suppliers at We Connect and have given us their support in other ways. From joining our painting parties at We Connect to balancing running a bakery whilst taking care of our VIPs.

PS - try the almond croissant it's too good for words



Our past few locally baked goodies available today. Mouth watering Vegan croissants and pain au chocolat from Toast and scrumptious chocolate chunk mini egg cake from The Coffee Mill.



We at We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry want to hear your ideas. What would you like to see added to our menu?

Bearing in mind we dont have a massive kitchen and that we are a community organisation and all money raised in the cafe helps to run the Pantry and all our community projects.

There are a few ideas on our Facebook page.

What would you like to see at We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry?



We are blessed to work in such a generous community!

Tin on a Wall took place this Saturday and we were overwhelmed by the collection our amazing Street Champions brought in. The news in recent weeks has at times been unbearably hard and its times like this we have our faith in kindness restored.

Donations this month have gone to RCV Emergency Foodbank, Risca Foodbank, Cymru Creations, We Connect Pantry and Cwmfelinfach Primary Pantry.

Thank you!



A huge thank you to

The Coffee Mill!

One of our wonderful suppliers over at We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry!

They have been supplying us with absolutely stunning cakes over the last few weeks. Have you tried one yet?



We Connect Coffee Shop

Our first of many deliveries from Vegan bakery 'Toast' in Cwmfelin.

We have sourdough doughnuts with vanilla glaze, cinnamon whirls and croissants.

The wonderful team at Toast have supported us since day 1, they even painted the walls ready for us to open! How's that for supporting local?

Be quick, when they're gone, they're gone.

Call 01633 837133 to order for collection.



We Connect Coffee Shop

Struggling for breakfast options this week?

Don't worry we've got you covered!

Bacon rolls just £2 and we've got a vegan version too! .

Available to sit in or take away.

What a great way to start your week!



The Pantry is now open!

Keep an eye on our stories to see what we have on offer today.

Remember memberships are just £2 for 24 baskets and baskets are just £3.

Have you signed up yet?

Visit our Facebook page for all the latest updates.



Happy #WorldBookDay!

To Celebrate we're holding a competition to win a Children's book bundle.

What are your favourite children's books? We absolutely love books here at RCV UK. You can read about our admin teams' favourites here in our latest Blog.

To be in with a chance of winning this lovely prize, visit our Facebook Page and:

    Like this post

    Share this post

    Comment what is your favourite children's book

Bonus if you tell us which of our admin choices you like the best.

The winner will be picked at random and announced on Monday 7th March.


Today is World Book Day and let's be honest - there's no better feeling than cwtching up with a blanket, a nice hot drink, and a good book. We certainly have fond memories of reading books as children and enjoying all the new and exciting adventures on every page.

Read more in our latest Blog here ...



Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus from

We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry

We've got pancakes with various toppings available today, so pop in, take 5 for yourself and enjoy.

Coffee Shop is open until 1pm today ready for Pantry opening at 3pm



Tin on a Wall is back on Saturday 12th March.

We're busy planning for our next collection but we need your help. Are you able to give up a little bit of your time this month to help collect in your street? We need champions who are able to leaflet in their street and collect from 12pm on Saturday 12th March and deliver to Channel View Community Centre by 2pm. Comment on our Facebook page if you want to take part.

To learn more about the amazing work Tin on a Wall is doing in our community click here.



We Connect Cafe Special Offer

Did you know you can enjoy a Babycino for free with selected hot drinks on our menu? Otherwise it’s just £1 - complete with a dusting of chocolate and marshmallows.

(Don’t worry, it contains no caffeine, so the kiddies won’t be up all night!)

Join us today for a perfect half term date with your little one.

Visit our Facebook page for all the latest We Connect news.



We Connect Cafe is open


    08:00 - 11:00   14:00 - 18:00


    08:00 - 11:00   14:00 - 18:00


    08:00 - 16:00


    08:00 - 16:00


    08:00 - 16:00

  Saturday & Sunday:




We Connect opens on Monday!


Thank you to the South Wales Argus for this lovely piece on our shop.

You can visit us from 8am on Monday - will we see you there?



We Connect opening has also been postponed from tomorrow until Monday due to the weather warnings.

Sorry about that everyone, but better safe than sorry


Regretfully, in view of the extreme weather expected tomorrow, we have decided to CANCEL the Coffee Morning on Friday 18th Feb.

Hope to see everyone safe and sound next Friday.


We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry


We're opening tomorrow (*insert happy dance here) and to celebrate we're opening with two specials.

The first of which, a Gingerbread Latte decided by you lovely festive throwback loving people. Tomorrow you can pick up this delicious treat for just £2 - that should be enough to earn us a spot on Santa's good list nice and early this year.

Of course it can be made Vegan too

This is a one day opening offer so join us tomorrow from £2 to pick up this naughty treat for a heavenly price. Each purchase earns you a stamp on our loyalty card.

See you from 8am!



A little later than advertised but it's been a crazy couple of days.

Here are the winners  our competition.

Gabriella Spindler Vasquez Walters, Tommy H Guy, Jody Marie Perkins, Joni O'brien, Neil Griffiths, Sadie Purves, Ron Hart, Louise Myers, Neil Griffiths, Janine Reed

Message us on Facebook to book your spot at one of our pre-launch events Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Thank you so much for everyone's support this week - We'll see you all at 3pm today for the Pantry and 8am Friday for the opening of our Coffee Shop.

Tin on a Wall (1)_edited_edited.jpg


Following on from last weekend's Tin On A Wall collection, read our latest Blog.

Tin on a Wall; Bringing our Community Together Since 2020

Since its launch in June 2020 Tin on a Wall has been one of our most recognised and most loved projects.

read more ...


If you watched our Facebook Live last night then you'll know that our Pantry is opening TODAY at 3pm!

This is not a drill - from 3pm you can join our pantry membership at We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry at 60 Tregedar Street in Risca for just £2 and then get entire basket of food for just £3.

Re-watch our Live from last night - or this short summary for more information. Our Pantry is fighting food waste just one basket at a time.

Will you be joining us today?



Ready to experience our little oasis of calm at We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry?

We’ll be opening Friday 18th February!!!

Spread the word… also to celebrate we’ll be launching a competition tomorrow where you can get an invite to our pre launch event next week! Like our We Connect Facebook page and comment on our post if you’re interested

What coffee are you looking forward to having with us once we’re open?



Tin on a Wall is back this Saturday from 12pm! Our street plan is below and we will be visiting your street this Saturday for your donations.

This side of winter is particularly difficult for charities and food banks as supplies run short. Your generosity ensures that they can keep serving those most in need in our community.

Good Luck to the street champions in Wattsville and Cwmfelinfach who will be out collecting tonight from 6pm.

Here's to another great collection!



Today is Internet Safety Day!

Being online in 2022 is absolutely essential but making sure you are safe and secure online can be a minefield. We're sharing some of our top tips for staying safe online and on social media. Check out our blog at for our post.

Feel free to share your tips on our Facebook page.

Internet Safety Day (1).png


We Need Your Help!

Tin on a Wall is back on Saturday 12th February and we need street champions.

We need our street champions to:

Leaflet in their area a few days before collection

Collect in their area from midday on Saturday 12th February

Bring your collection to Channel View Community Hall by 2pm on the same day

If you're able to commit to this collection please comment on our Facebook page..

*Collections in Wattsville and Cwmfelinfach will take place Wednesday 9th February and will be arranged locally



We're starting our week off with a We Connect fact! By partnering with Fareshare and Tesco we will be redirecting 300kgs of food each week in our pantry. This would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Pop over to our Facebook @WeConnectCoffeeShop page to find out just how many extra meals that can add to our community.

We hope to have a date for opening this week - hands up if you're as excited as we are?



We Connect - For our Community and Not for Profit

If you’re keeping yourself up to date with the latest happenings on our Facebook page you will know that we have a brand new Coffee Shop opening in Risca very soon! ...

Read the full story in our blog here ...

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Our #WeekendWisdom is a little different this week.

Did you know we run a Bestfeeding group every Monday at 9:30am in the Centre at St Davids?

We are passionate about ensuring parents of new babies are supported and get the advice they need. We offer a totally non-judgemental space for young parents to come, relax and get to know other parents.

You can book here:

Know someone who would love to take part? Tag them on our Facebook page.



Our Friday Thank you this week goes to Cambrian Connect.

They have been absolute heroes sorting our phone lines and internet over a busy festive period. We now have phone lines in Channel View Community Centre at We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry. Without them we would have no connection to our wonderful community.

Thank you!

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We might have mentioned we have a Coffee Shop and Pantry - We Connect opening soon. We're super excited - obviously but also need your help.

We're looking for existing or new volunteers who would like to help out in the pantry and / or the coffee shop for a couple of hours a week.

Full training and accredited courses will be available and you'll have the chance to offer support to our community.

If you'd like to know more please PM us on Facebook  or email

We look forward to hearing from you.



Ladies and gentlemen, this is our first live draw of our weekly lotto. Prize money was £11.50. This week's numbers were 03, 04, 23 and 27.

No winners this week so it's a rollover.

Tickets can be purchased from the Community Centre Tuesday and Friday mornings and shortly from We Connect when we're open.

Thanks everyone for taking part.



A massive Friday thank you to Moriah Print!

They put our We Connect sign up over the Christmas period as a festive surprise for us and we are so overwhelmed with gratitude to them.

Always there to help with our graphic and print needs! Thanks to the team at Moriah for always helping - usually at short notice too!

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Our activities are back up and running! We now have a full planner throughout the week.

Every Monday. 9.30-11am - Best Feeding group at the Centre @ St David's. Entry is Free. 

Every Tuesday, 10am-12pm - Activity Morning at Channel View Community Centre. Boccia, Bingo and a Quiz for £2.50.

Every Wednesday, 9.30-11am - Toddler Time at St David's. Just £1.50 per child.

Every Thursday, 7.30-8.30pm - Song and Sign - Learn Makaton Sign Language for just £2 per session. 

Every Friday, 10am-12pm - Coffee Morning at Channel View Community Centre. A cuppa and chance to connect.

Book online for our events here:

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Do you want to stay up to date with our Coffee Shop We Connect? We have a Facebook Page where you can get all the latest inside scoop into how our Coffee Shop and Pantry is coming along... Maybe we'll be releasing our open date this week too!

We'll also be giving information on how your can secure your membership for our Pantry, details on all the yummy products we'll be selling and best of all competitions where you can win a few freebies!

Follow us now @weconnectcoffeeshop on Facebook.

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A little later than normal but we just wanted to say THANK YOU! For yet another amazing collection over the weekend!

Donations were made to RCV Emergency Foodbank, Risca Foodbank, Pantside Foodbank and the We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry.

A special moment of thanks to our amazing street champions who really battled the elements this weekend to bring your donations to us.

We’ll be back in February with another collection - stay tuned for our street champion request and how you can get involved!



We Connect Cafe and Pantry directly opposite the park gates, next to Parkmans in Risca is RCV UK 's latest project.

In case you're wondering, it's a non-profit shop where we'll have free and low cost food for anyone who needs it, and this will be supported by a coffee shop in the back area and side room.

We'll also be able to continue to offer support for anyone in the area, the same way we have been doing over the last 2 years from Channel View Community Centre. 

A few amazing volunteers have been working all hours refurbishing the whole premises and it's nearly there, we just need one final push and we're hoping you might be able to help?

We're having a paint party at the We Connect Coffee Shop & Pantry on Saturday from 10am.

If you're any good with a paint brush and can spare a couple of hours on Saturday, we'd be sooooo grateful for your help.

We have the paint, the brushes, rollers, frog tape, dust sheets, even aprons..... we just need some of you to supply the elbow grease, please?

If you can help please comment on our Facebook page, thanks so much xx

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Our Champions will be back this Saturday from 12pm collecting  in Risca, Crosskeys and Rogerstone.

Stuck for ideas of what to donate?

Items we're in need of this month:

  • Tinned Meat

  • Tinned Vegetables

  • Tea & Coffee

  • Biscuits

  • Unopened Toiletries

  • Cleaning Products

As the weather has been pretty grim of late - if it is raining please put your donation inside a plastic bag so that it prevents the items from spoiling.

Here's to another amazing collection!



Makaton Song & Sign classes start this week (6th Jan).

Learn something new to keep those January blues at bay!

All sessions online so we won't be cancelled by covid.

Bring a smile and a glass of wine, and we'll see you there.

Makaton is used in Schools and Colleges to help communicate with people with various learning difficulties.

Cost: £12 for a course of 6 sessions.

For more details and to book please visit our booking page (or click on the picture).



RCV UK hope you've all had a great Christmas!

2021 was a busy year so here's a reminder for the next couple of weeks, as 2022 begins:

  •    Makaton restarts on 6th Jan

  •    Best Feeding Group restarts on 17th Jan

  •    Activity morning restarts on 18th Jan

  •    Toddler group restarts on 19th Jan

  •    Coffee morning restarts on 21st Jan

Additionally, during the first 2 weeks of January RCV UK will remain closed to visitors outside of the above groups. This is to allow admin to focus on essential planning and preparation for our re-opening on 24th Jan.

In an emergency we can still be contacted on 01633 848899 or

Thank you all so much and have a wonderfully Happy New Year!

PS. Watch our Facebook page for details of our brand new pantry and coffee shop (We Connect) opening very, very soon. 


Tin on a Wall will be back in January and we're looking for street champions to help collect throughout Risca and Rogerstone on Saturday 8th January.


We're now completing our plan for January and we need your help to collect as many donations as possible to assist local foodbanks and charities through the difficult winter months. Make volunteering your new year's resolution and commit to helping us for just a few hours a week.

We need our street champions to:

Leaflet in their area a few days before collection.

Collect in their area from midday on Saturday 8th January.

Bring your collection to Channel View Community Hall by 2pm on the same day.

If you're able to commit to this collection please comment on our Facebook page.

*No collections are taking place in Wattsville and Cwmfelinfach this month