Volunteer Opportunities at RCV

Why not join us? Here's how you can get involved:

RCV are completely flexible, we want our volunteers to feel valued, welcome and happy when working for the charity. We work hard to ensure that no-one gets overwhelmed or feels anxious because of the help they provide.

If you think you'd like to help, in any way, or at any time convenient to you, please get in touch.

info@rcvuk.org or phone 01633 848899 to speak to a member of the team.

Would you like to help others?

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities and currently over 200 volunteers, who form a lovely, warm-hearted community.

Here are some examples of how you can help:

  • make a phone call to a lonely or vulnerable person 

  • at our Coffee / Activity Mornings

  • offer a lift, or fetch some shopping

  • be a Tin On A Wall Street Champion

  • at a kids disco or craft day

  • as a mechanic at our Bike Hub

  • at our Toddler Group

  • at our Coffee Shop & Pantry

  • provide admin support

How much time can you spare each week?

  • 20 minutes? = 1 phone call to check in with one of our VIPs. This could be the only time they speak to anyone all week.

  • 30 minutes? = A lift to or from one of our activity mornings, meaning that someone without transport is able to join and make friends.

  • 40 minutes? = To collect a little shopping or a prescription and deliver to one of our housebound VIPs. A life-line to many in our community.

  • 1 hour? = Helping our admin team arranging transport / updating our database and tracking data.

  • 2 hours? = Becoming a Street Champion for Tin on a Wall. Collecting food donations from houses and delivering to the sorting hub.

  • 2 hours? = Helping to set up or clear away for one of our activity mornings.

  • 2 1/2 hours? = Helping at the Best Feeding Group or Toddler Time. Setting up and ensuring the children have fun while parents and carers get 5 minutes to chat.

  • 1 morning? = Helping to run our activity morning or coffee morning. Ensuring that our VIPs feel welcome, having a chat and feeding back any concerns.

  • 2,4 or 6 hours? = Helping in the We Connect coffee shop and pantry. Serving food and drink and ensuring that anyone who reaches out for support receives help from RCV or is referred to a partner organisation.