Charity Registration Number: 1191383

Gambling Licence Number: L7217

RCV UK Address: 13 High Trees, Risca, Newport NP11 6HH, UK


£1 Per Entry


1 The game is the forecast of 4 winning numbers which are drawn at random from the numbers 1-28.

2. The numbers chosen will be between 1-28 every week.

3. The numbers are chosen by the player and marked on the card. If a void number is marked on the card the highest available number will be substituted.

4. No Perms allowed.

5. Should no entry forecast all four numbers, the Jackpot will be added to that of the following week’s draw.

6. A new entry must be completed for each draw.

7. If more than one winner, the pool will be divided equally.

8. Claims must be made within 14 days.

9. No ticket, no prize.

10. The draw will be live at around 11:30am every Friday.

11. 50% of the proceeds will support our charity and 50% will be paid to the winner/shared between any multiple winners.


In accordance with Gambling Act 2005

Crystals. Tel: 0191 262 4056.