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Half term Halloween crafts at home!

Half term is fast approaching so we thought we’d share our favourite Halloween crafts you can do at home with the kids. We’ve searched the internet far and wide, and even included one of our own ideas for you to get stuck into.

The best thing about this selection is that they can be done with bits and bobs you find around your house, from loo roll holders to bin bags. So you can have a shockingly good time without the cost.

Book of Spells 🪄

No little witch or wizard is complete without their book of spells! For this one, all you need is an empty cereal box, some sellotape and pens you can draw with. Or make it extra magical with some colour!

Step 1

Open up your cereal box at both ends and cut along the long side.

Step 2

Turn the cereal box inside out and sellotape it back together - don’t forget the tops and bottoms!

Step 3

Get creative! Draw on your cover and back page, don’t forget to add lines along the top and sides for the pages.

Step 4

Add extra details like stars, spiders, cobwebs and witches hats. Add some colour to make it really stand out!

Ghost toilet roll holders 👻

Most people will have these in abundance - so put them to good use making these cute ghosts to decorate your home.

As shown in this video from @emerald_outlaw, all you need to make these halloween decorations are: toilet roll holder, white and black paint and some toilet paper/tissue paper.

Step 1

Paint the toilet roll tube white

Step 2

Add some eyes and a mouth

Step 3

Glue some ripped up tissue paper/toilet roll to the ends

Step 4 (optional)

Hang them on strings around your house!

Bin bag cobwebs🕸️

TikTok user @kidscraftbarn shared this great Halloween craft using something you probably wouldn’t expect - bin bags!

All you need for this is a bin bag - can be white or black depending on the look you’re going for. This would also work with a piece of paper.

Step 1

Fold your bin bag 3 times to create a triangle

Step 2

Draw lines on your bin bag to create blocks to cut out. Remember to leave the centre piece intact - you’ll need everything to stay connected.

Step 3

Open up the bin bag to reveal your spider's web.

Step 4 - optional

Cut some spiders out of black card/paper to attach to your web.

What are your favourite Halloween crafts to do? We’d love to see your creations - share them with us on our Facebook page.

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