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October Gardening Tips from our Horticultural Society

The Risca Horticultural Society is a group of local people whom all have one passion in common, gardening! No matter if you’re a seasoned pro or you are wanting to find a way to get started, we will have a range of ways you can get involved.

Every month our society will provide you with top tips for your garden that you should aim to complete within the month. Garden maintenance is a year-long job. If you want a beautiful oasis in the Summer you have to start thinking about it now.

October Gardening Tasks

So what should be on your gardening to-do list for October? Here is what Catherine founder of The Risca Horticultural Society recommends:

First priority should be to clean and clear out your greenhouse. Clear of the unnecessary clutter that may have built up over the Summer. Clean the glass now that you can reach it again and cut back or remove plants you no longer are getting fruit or vegetables from.

Take hardwood cuttings and if possible keep the pots in your freshly cleaned out greenhouse.

Protect your fruit trees. Failing to do this can cause malformed fruit in later months. You can find lots of advice of how to protect particular types of fruit trees on the RHS website.

Cannas, dahlias and pelargoniums (commonly known as geraniums) can be lifted and stored in a semi-dormant state over winter.

For those that can't be lifted, they can be cut back and a thick, dry mulch can be used for protection.

Winter wrapping is required for tender plants such as bananas and tree ferns, but may also be necessary for hardier plants in cold or exposed areas.

Pruning is essential to ensuring healthy trees and plants. Pruning can remove any areas of the plant or tree that have a disease, fungi and other types of decay stopping the spread to healthier branches. You can also improve the structure of the tree, removing unsafe branches and encourages the growth of flowers.

Take stock of your tools and give them a little bit of love before they go into a small period of hibination. Give your tools a good wash with soap and water, sharpen if necessary and ensure you disinfect them to remove any sign of bacteria.

Finally don't forget to prepare for spring by planting garlic and your daffodil bulbs. A colourful spring starts in the Autumn.

Join our Society

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You can sign up to be a member here. In 2022 Gardening can look like many things; whether it be growing vegetables, cut flowers or house plants – everyone interested in plants and nature is welcome in The Risca Horticultural Society.

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