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Transport to Health: Now Available from RCV

According to NHS England, there are around 307 million sessions scheduled with GPs, nurses, therapists, and other practice staff every year and 5% – one in twenty – are missed without enough notice to invite other patients. These missed appointments are estimated to cost £216million; enough to pay for the salaries of over 2,300 GPs.

We know that it can be a difficult time of year to make your healthcare appointments. That's why we are launching Transport to Health in collaboration with GAVO and Aneurin Bevan.

What is Transport to Health

We have been quietly working in the background for the last few months to bring Transport to Health to life. Under our We Nurture value, Transport to Health gives access to healthcare appointments for those who would be otherwise unable to attend their appointments.

You can rely on our bank of thoughtful and trustworthy drivers to collect you at your door and deliver you to your appointment on time.

Who Can Use Transport to Health

Transport to Health is open to anyone who is in need of transport to a healthcare appointment, and who would otherwise be unable to attend the appointment without it.

If you are unable to get to your appointment via public transport, we can help. We will collect you from your door and with our advance booking system gives your complete peace of mind that you'll be able to make that vital appointment.

How much does it cost?

Each trip will cost a minimum of £5, but the trip is charged at 50p per mile. We've worked with our partners to make the trips as affordable as possible.

Althought this scheme is part funded there is a charge for using this service. We need to ensure that everyone who needs help to appointments is able to get it. The fees charged cover our running costs so the service is sustainable and can continue to provide a lifeline to those who need it.

Meet the team!

We've got a dedicated team ready just to run Transport to Health. To whole project is run by our Booking Clerk Sue. Sue came to us via our referral partners at Blackwood Job Centre Plus. Originally as a volunteer via the ways to work scheme. Sue has really driven this project to success since coming onboard and thanks to her hard work we were able to secure additional funding, now offering her part time hours for the role.

Sue is still an advocate for volunteering with us and still continues to volunteer outside of her working hours. Here she explains why she loves working with us so much:

I began volunteering with RCV in April 2022. I organise transport for our Breakfast Club, Coffee Mornings and medical appointments. I work with wonderful team of volunteer drivers who generously give their time to RCV.
But helping others is just half of the story, as a volunteer, you get so much in return. New friendships, a social life, a sense of fulfillment and being part of the Community Spirit that exists in everyone at RCV.
Not only are you volunteering for a charity, you become part of the family. Priceless!

For additional peace of mind, all our drivers are advanced DBS checked and are undertaking MIDAS training. All our volunteer drivers also have a full clean driving licence.

Book Today

Interested in booking transport with us? Contact Sue now on 01633 848899.

If you would like to register as a driver volunteer you just need a full, clean drivers licence and apply via


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