What is We Cycle?


We Cycle is our community-run bike hub that has been a year in the making. RCV UK are looking to make bikes accessible for all in our community. The average cost of a Bike according to bikebiz.com is £233. That means for a family of four a bike budget would need to be close to £1,000. In this current economic climate that is simply an unattainable dream for so many. Being able to own a bike opens a lot of opportunities to explore the local area and have fun days out with the family. It's essential to promote mental and physical well-being.

We Cycle is a bike hub that not only offers repairs and bike MOTs at cost price but also can provide bikes for all ages and incredibly competitive prices. We believe every family should have access to affordable transportation and give their children some independence and a chance to have fun with their friends.

If you have any old bikes (suitable for any age) that you can donate to us get in touch today. We will take bikes in any condition so we can spruce them up for our community. Can you help us with our bike mission?


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