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Easy and Free Elf on the Shelf Ideas from RCV

It's just one month till Christmas day! And you know what that means - it's almost the time of year again when that pesky little Elf on the Shelf rears its head and causes mischief and mayhem in your home throughout December.

What hijinx will they be getting up to this year? We've got you covered if you’re stuck for Elf on the Shelf ideas this year. Here are 24 low-cost ideas that are easy to prepare, guaranteed to make your little ones laugh, and won't break the bank.

Download our free Elf on the Shelf mischief pack and print your own props!

Below are 24 easy ideas for you to do around your home, perfect for this festive season:

Storytime with toy friends

Eating Christmas chocolates or sweets

Stuck under a glass

Hide in the Tree

Movie Night

Glove/Sock sleeping bag

Steal some glasses

Elf colouring book